Privacy Policy & Refund Policy

Refund Policy :

1.  The fee has four components 
- Registration Fee
-  Admissions Fee
-  Books/Ebook/StationaryInfrastructure
-  Tuition Fee
2 First three components of fee are non refundable under any circumstances whatsoever 
3 Only After the full fees has been deposited by the student he/ she shall be eligible for any refund . For Crash Courses there is no Fees Refund.
4 Refund at any stage of the course would be allowed only under extreme compassionate grounds, for which the student will have submit a written application in person along with authentic supporting documents in original . The original documents will be returned to the student after scrutiny and verification. 
5 Refund is a process which takes time. The refund will be made after one week of submission of the refund application only through banking instruments . 
6.  GST on the fee will be borne entirely by the student 
7 Written exam coaching.
- Refund only of Tuitions Fee Component will be :
- Within the first 15 days  —Refund of 75% of TF
- within 1 month — 50 % of TF
- After 1 month  —-No Refund 
8. SSB interview Course 
-Refund only on Tuition Fee component would be
- Within the first 5 days 25% of TF
-After 5 days     No Refund
9. Fees can not be refunded in case of classes being suspended or Terminated due to restrictions imposed by State /Central Government or due to force majeure or any act of god beyond academies Control.

Privacy Policy 

In order to register at the website and to avail the services provided by cavalier from time to time through the Website or any other Media (Telephone research, SMS, Mobile Application or any other), Users are required to provide full name, residential address, office address, email id, date of birth, educational qualifications and other personal information.

The personal information provided by Users is used for:

  • Customization of the content that a User can see
  • Fulfillment of the requests of the User for a specific service
  • Communication to address the requirements in an effective manner

This policy is applicable to the personal information provided by Users and its usage on varied Media. cavalier is committed towards the provision of privacy and confidentiality of the personal information that Users share through varied Media. This policy is to illustrate our belief in protection. The policies are not applicable to the processes of an organization that is not owned by cavalier and individuals who are not employed or managed by cavalier. Personal Information of Users is kept confidential and used only for purposes such as research, marketing, analysis of varied client objectives and internal process of cavalier only. The personal information of Users is not sold or rented out except if you are a customer of the services offered through any Media of cavalier. Users agree that the personal information can be shared with advertisers, who may call the User based on the query placed by the specific user. Enquiries can be made by advertisers for:

  • A particular product or service
  • A particular product or service offered by the advertiser
  • A particular product or service of a particular advertiser

Personal information is shared due to one or more than one conditions - Consent for sharing personal information is taken from the particular User, if cavalier is compelled by the Indian Law or any other legal authority of the country. Appropriate physical, electronic and managerial processes to protect and secure the personal information shared by Users have been aligned to ensure confidentiality. Users are given the discretion to edit their personal information and preferences at any point of time, which includes whether the User wishes cavalier to contact them for the same. In accordance with our processes, old and new versions of the personal information are kept in records and responsible steps are adopted to verify the identity of the individual before allowance to make edits is given. Users acknowledge that he or she gives consent for voluntary disclosure of Personal Information. Users are advised not to disclose information that he or she refrains from before completing the registration process on the Website or prior to availing the services offered by cavalier through varied Media. However, if Users do not provide information, he or she might not be allowed to complete the registration process or avail some of the services offered through the Website or any other Media. Some corporate customers enter into a non-disclosure agreement of personal information with a cavalier. This Privacy Policy shall not affect that contract in any manner.


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