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Screening Test

Screening Test

The procedure for selection of officers in the Defense Forces is quite long and takes 4-5 days to assess a candidate. All those who apply for selection want to try their luck, as they are unaware of the requirement of the forces. The testing in Services Selection Boards is done in two phases: one is screening test and the other is the selection test.
The screening test comprises the following:

1) Reasoning Test is an intelligence test which consists of verbal and non verbal items. This test is called OIR (Officers Intelligence Rating). The level of question is not very high but time allotted is about 30 seconds per question. Students who know short cut techniques will do well with proper guidance / coaching, its easy to score over 80%. If a student does it well his chances of clearing the Screening Test increase tremendously.

2) Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP&DT) the candidates are shown a defused picture and they are asked to write a story on that picture. This test is conducted in groups of 18-20 candidates. They narrate their stories and the three assessors, who are present on the spot assess their suitability for the Selection Test. After this they are asked to discuss among themselves and knit one common group story which is narrated by one member of the group. On the bases of their performance in these tests, they are selected for the Selection Test. Even though about 30% of the candidates are only screened in. The Cavalier has a record of more than 65% of its students getting Screened in.

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