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Group Testing Officers (GTO)

Selection process adopted by the Service Selection Boards (SSB) involves assessing the personality of a candidate using three different methods. One of these uses group activities commonly known as "Group Tasks". We are well aware that man lives in a society, that is a group, and his behaviour is best studied in such a context. At the SSB, small groups of 6 to 10 candidates are formed and they are required to participate in group tasks as a member. Group Testing Officer (GTO) closely observes the way a candidate participates in various tasks and draws his conclusions regarding different qualities and builds a personality profile. The tasks are so designed that an average young person can comfortably participate. Group Tasks have a reasonable mix of indoor and outdoor activities and GTO launches the group in their tasks with fair amount of enthusiasm and cheer.

The Group Test (GTO) Series has a total of 9 tests:

  1. Group Discussion (GD) View More
  2. Group Planning Exercise (GPE) View More
  3. Snake Race View More
  4. Progressive Group Task (PGT) View More
  5. Half Group Task (HGT) View More
  6. Lecturette View More
  7. Individual Obstacles (IO) View More
  8. Command Task (CT) View More
  9. Final Group Task (FGT) View More