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This task falls under the confirmatory series. It is a simple task allotted to each candidate, who is expected to provide solution without consulting the two subordinates, selected by him from the group. The GTO assesses the performance of the commander as it is the only task in which the responsibility for completion of the task is fixed on the commander.

So far you have worked in leaderless group tasks where no responsibility is given to individuals. But ‘Command Task’ is the only task where the responsibility of completion of the task is given to you when you are called to work as commander.

a) Task is allotted to each candidate by turns.
b) You are allowed to select the two candidates from your group to help
     you to complete your task in about 10 minutes.
c) Helpers are not supposed to suggest solution to the commander. They
     must keep quiet + work as told by the commander.
d)Task must be completed in time, obeying all the rules applicable in PGT,
     except the group rule.


Briefing by the Commander:-

The candidate who is being tested in the command Task will be required to brief his helpers before the task commences. This briefing by commander may include:

a) Explanation of the task at hand
b) Helping material available for the task.
c) How the commander plans to execute the task.

What the G.T.O expects from the candidate 

   a) Is the candidate good in offering workable ideas to solve the problem.
   b) Is he good at extracting work from his sub-ordinates and also
        participating in his task.
   c) While choosing the sub-ordinates, whether the candidate is choosing
        the weak or strong member of the group.
   d) Can the candidate find out multiple and alternate solutions for the task.
   e) Is he quick in his decision making and finding workable ideas.
    f) Is he having any hesitation in executing his plan after deciding it.
   g) Is he flexible enough to adjust to changing situations.


Important Tips for Command Task:-
Understand the instructions given by GTO carefully.

1. Choose the correct person as sub-ordinates. By now you would know
    the characteristics of each member of your group. So pick subordinates
    who are more resourceful and delegent. If a tall person is available and
    he is a good worked, he may be more useful where the task requires
    more reach. A well built person would fit in if the task requires some tying
    and lifting etc.

2.Try to avoid asking ideas from the sub-ordinates, since you are the
   leader and commander. Also if you are a subordinate, don’t talk or give
   ideas to the commander unless the GTO tells to do so.

3. If the GTO changes any situation in between, take it in the right spirit,
   don’t panic and think logically to get the right solution.


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