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• The GTO will conduct two GD’s, one after the other, with a very small time gap between
   the two. Both GD’s will be of 15-20 minutes.
• The GTO will give two GD topics for the first GD but candidates have to decide within one
   minute, the topic which they would like to discuss.
• While choosing the topic, the candidates must decide the topic based on its relevance to them
  and also on the currency of the topic.
• The second topic is decided by the GTO himself, based on the  performance of the group.
• Both topics are common in nature and do not require any specific knowledge, facts and
• The topics are given in a descriptive form and list out three (some times four) options; a  candidate has to discuss
   the option that he/she finds more apt as compared to the other options.
• All options are workable. The candidate has to express as to which amongst all options is
   better as compared to the others.
• The fourth option is ANY OTHER, the candidate need NOT be stuck with the three
   provided options, he is at liberty to proceed with any viable option coming to his/her mind.


What is expected

  • The candidate should have self confidence.
  • Candidates should be able to express himself  fluently and rationally.
  • Candidates must have sufficient knowledge of the topic being discussed.
  • Candidates should not be rigid in his ideas.
  • The candidates should be adaptable and should be able to react rationally under stress.
  • The candidates should be logical in his approach.  
  • The candidates needs to be cheerful and not look stressed up. view more click here


  1. Social Networking sites like facebook , twitter, email, and messaging are becoming popular among the youth as they are means of fast communication. What in your opinion is the major consequence of this revolution.

      ·It provides more and effective power to the youth.

      ·It has increased threat to the National security and peace

      ·The youth waste valuable time on networking

      ·Any other option

  1. India is fast emerging as an international player both in economic and military fields. In order to play a more effective role India should develop better contacts with:
  • Developed countries

      ·Developing countries

      ·Neighboring countries

      ·Any other country you dream fit

  1. India facing energy crises which affects adversely our industrial growth economy. If you were to advise the Prime- Minister, which of the following sources of energy will you recommended for greater priority:
  • Hydel  Power
  • Nuclear Power
  •  Renewable sources of Power
  • Any  other
  1. Man is the most enterprising being on Earth. He has even engaged himself in improving his lot from early ages. What according to you has been his greatest discovery/invention:
  • Wheel
  • Fire
  • Agriculture
  • Any other

Additional GD Topics

(1)   Naxallism
(2)   Nuclear reactors in our nation.
(3)   Is it good to quit nuclear reactors in our country like Germany.
(4)   Alternative source of energy other than nuclear reactor.
(5)   Nuclear agreement with U.S.
(6)   Nuclear agreement with Russia.
(7)   Does Nuclear head of Pakistan a threat to the nation.
(8)   World Peace
(9)   Pros and Cons of Science.
(10) Increase in technology increases life span of man’s life.
(11) Compulsory Army training.
(12) 33% reservation for women.
(13) Youth in politics.
(14) Unemployment in Bharat.
(15) Alternative source of fuel.
(16) Role of press in Bharat.
(17) Permanent seat in UNO for our nation.
(18) Permanent seat in G8 for our country.
(19) Bharat the super power by Defence or Agriculture.
(20) Bharat in Space Research.
(21) Success rate of wind power and solar energy for power.
(22) Computer and its Pros and Cons.
(23) Internet and its Pros and Cons.
(24) T-20 cricket changes the cricket style.
(25) Which is best Test match of T-20.
(26) Importance of Sex Education.
(27) Common syllabus for School in our nation.
(28) Common Entrance test.
(29) Ragging in college good or bad.
(30) Wearing helmet on road.
(31) Should we improve defence technology or not.
(32) Who saves nation more Police or Army.
(33) BPO jobs in our country.
(34) Love marriage or Arranged marriage.
(35) Co-Education in nation.
(36) Number one state in Bharat- The Gujarat.
(37) Removing of Alcoholism is a revenue loss for our country.
(38) Government bars in states of our nation is good or bad.
(39) Population of the country.
(40) Child growth is influenced by friends, teachers and parents?
(41) Joining of Rivers in our nation.
(42) Construction of check dams to save river water is successful?
(43) Inflation Rate of economy in Bharat.
(44) Quota system in our nation.
(45) Kashmir issue and LOC.
(46) Terrorism.
(47) Role of Communication in our country.
(48) Sports in Bharat.
(49) Hockey the national game.
(50) Domination of cricket over hockey.

The GTO looks for the following in the candidates Personality:-

• Communication Skills.
• Listening to the group members point of view, and ability to speak in relation to what has been said.
• Leadership and Coordination with the group members.
• Expressing oneself truthfully and logically in the group.
• Depth of Knowledge on the given topic and maturity of views.
• Sharing of knowledge with the group members and willingness to
  Learn, listening to share and ability to understand their views.
• Running the group along the given point.

Participating in a friendly manner.


The most important thing in the G.D is effective communication. To be an active member of the group, candidate should be able to put his point of view  before the group and should make the group agree to his/her views as far  as possible. For this a candidate’s communication skills should be effective to be able to influence the group. based on sound logic/ reasons.

Effective communication results in getting the attention of the group members. If you communicate well, then your point will be given weightage and everyone will discuss around your point. So you become the centre of attraction. After the group seems to conclude about your previous point, try to give a new point and do not keep harping on one thing.

Make the G.D. as GD and don’t turn it into  a debate. don’t always comment negatively about others point, even though it is wrong, overcome that negative aspect  with a positive point. Of view It leaves  a better impression on the GTO. After giving your point, just listen to the group member who is speaking and if you get a change in that give a point supporting your previous point. (merging your previous point and the current point presented by the group member) you are at liberty to do so..

While someone else is presenting his/her view, we can always find methods to interject by using some phrases like:

• Excuse me, gentlemen, I have something to say
• Excuse me, gentlemen, I agree with your point but want to add one
  more point.
• I agree with your point, but there is another way of looking at it.
• Excuse me , My solution for this issue is (while two members are
  debating try to give a solution, this gives you a credit. Since the real
  leader is one who finds the solution to the problem).

Listening to the group members point of view:-

The candidate should be accommodative to ideas expressed by others. One should not be rigid about ones ideas own. One can be assertive but only up to a point, adjusting to new ideas and people in an unfamiliar environment is an important quality. Your adaptability will come to light if you keep above in mind. 

A good leader should also be a good listener. It always pays to be receptive to others point of view as well. It is not the volume but the contents of what a candidate speaks that matters. One should speak sufficiently and not be too verbose. By listening to others you will:-

• Be able relax and put your mind to fresh points.
• Be able to pick up hints and add more points by either supporting,
  corroborating or opposing others point of view.
• Be able to work out essence of others points and may be able to give a
  conclusive point.
• When you listen to others, others listen to you.

Leadership and Coordination with the group members:-

The ability of a person to be able to generate a following and leave a mark of ones presence on the group, the skill of being able to convince other members about ones convictions and then being able to motivate them to become a contributor to the group, a good leader will be able to coordinate the thought process of the group in to a progressive discussion.

In G.D. leadership quality is analysed by the G.T.O. by noticing the:-

• Initiator of the group,
• Listener of the group,
• Person helping the silent/hesitant member to talk,
• Supporting  the good point of  other  group members.
• Ability  to analyse and prioritise the good point from other  members
  of the group
• Explaining others point by giving his/her own example,
• Ablility to overcome  equally competent candidate(s) with his/her depth
  of knowledge and communication skills.

Expressing Oneself Truthfully and Logically in the group:-

Capability of a candidate to defend ones position and being able to hold onto ones conviction becomes essential but it should not be at the cost of being adamant.  If the candidate is truthful he will also have conviction which will be visible to others. Logical means correctly understanding the topic and presenting a balanced point of view. Logical person takes objective view of both sides of a point before arriving at a conclusion. A logical person will also not get carried away by emotions in a discussion.

Depth of Knowledge on the given topic:-

In a GD the quality of what you speak matters. To be a good participant in GD we should have a  sound knowledge of  the given topic. Seeing various discussions on national news channels  specially in English  and reading editorials in national dailies will help improve your depth of knowledge .

Academic knowledge is a requirement. What is more important is the  ability to  utilise this factual knowledge in a manner in which the candidate shows his/her analytical approach to a topic. His /her ability to see through in the essence of the topic through the maze of information and the effective intelligence to use the knowledge in carrying the group along. Is what matters.

Sharing of knowledge with the group members and willingness to learn:-
The candidate has to share his knowledge and experience with other members of the group during the discussion. The GD is not meant to see the ability of the candidate to somehow convince everyone on his point of view. What is seen is his ability to carry the group along by sharing and enhancing knowledge and also in the process showing the ability to learn from other candidates.So that the GD is a process of mutual growth and not about individual ideas being thrown around.


There are several techniques in the initiation of group discussion. These are

• Defining  the topic .
• Interrogatory opening
• Starting with hot issues
• Using phrases or quotes



This is very basic initiation technique followed by most of the persons in G.D. i.e. if the topic is given the G.T.O is about “India’s Space Programme”, then the candidate may start the discussion by explaining to the group that space programme of India would  involve talking about the Launch vehicles and the Satallite Programmes seperately. So he is defining the topic by giving the direction in which  the team members need to go to build up the point and discuss.


This is very interesting technique followed by some candidates in G.D. i.e. asking interrogatory type things such as what, when, who, how like question about the given topic. This technique has the disadvantage of throwing away the initiative to someone else. The actual point comes from others and not the initiator .However, it at least gives an opening to the candidate to speak. These methods should be adopted sparingly if possible be prepared with answer also.

Example for Good Initialisation in Interrogatory type:-

Let we take the topic “NUCLEAR REACTOR IN INDIA”, in this topic if the candidate starts the discussion with why India wants a nuclear reactor rather than choosing a alternative source for power? After telling this he should be able to support his point by giving positive points such as, what was happened in Japan due to nuclear reactor. (Like this even though the starting seems to be negative he finishes the topic by giving a strong positive point, i.e he gives importance to the people of Bharat rather than power production, Also he is not leaving about power production, he also gave in his point to find an alternative solution). So this is a good initialisation.

Example for Bad Initialisation in Interrogatory type:-

Let we take the topic “NUCLEAR REACTOR IN BHARAT”, in this topic if the candidate starts the discussion with.  “What happened in Japan? A large amount of life loss and devastation. So Nuclear Reactor should be abolished from Bharat and should be close”. This is also the same question type initialisation but the thing is he didn’t gave a supportive positive to his question type initialisation and also the starting seems to be negative. So avoid this type of initialisation.
These are the pros and cons of the interrogatory initialisation technique.

Starting with hot issues and sailing over that technique:-

This is an interesting technique, giving a hot topic and social welfare topic such that every one will get little more interest to discuss about this.For example:

If the given topic is about“Preservation of wild life in India” The candidate could start the topic by Bringing out the HOT Issue of Some VIP’s  currently involved in the killing of someendangered/protected species  of animal and then progressing his point of view. This will invite everyones attention to the candidate and also his point of view.The  candidate should guard against  taking the issue too much on the negetive side .

Important tips for Group Discussion:-

• First listen to the G.T.O. keenly and try to grab the essence of what
  GTO is reading out.
• If you have knowledge about the topic and good effective
  communication then start the discussion.

Else be patient and wait for the opportunity and be guide to participate summarize your point in your mind then trigger it into the discussion.

• Keep proper eye contact with the group members who is talking and
  don’t ever look to the G.T.O.
• Have a depth knowledge in basic topics and national issues as it be easy
  for you cross the group discussion like a cake walk.
• Don’t ever make a debate in the discussion by joining hands as two or
  three person with in the group itself, then all will lose all your chances
  of getting selected.
• To be best read news papers, see discussion at national news channels
  also discuss with your class mates, friends in English to avoid
  stammering and to get flow of points in mind even in pressure.


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