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The Individual Obstacles task is done after the H.G.T. The aim of the Task is to see the candidate’s stamina, boldness and courage.
There are ten obstacles with different difficulty levels The number painted on the board near the obstacles denotes the marks allocated for that obstacle.
There are 10 Obstacles and the time limit to do these obstacles is 3 minutes. The total marks are 55.
                          i.e. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55

The obstacle with highest level of difficulty carries 10 marks while the obstacle with lowest level of difficulty carries one mark. If a candidate is able to clear all obstacles in less than 3 m, he can repeat the obstacles of his choice once to earn bonus points.

Briefing by G.T.O.:-
In this G.T.O. takes the candidates to all the obstacles and tells the rules to be followed. The candidate should work out the sequence in which he would like to attempt the obstacles keeping in mind his own level of fitness.
While attempting the task, in case the candidate violates any rule, he should just repeat the tasks.
The candidates are advised to sit on a bench facing away from the Task, so that they are  not  able to observe the candidate who is attempting the task.

Rules of Individual Obstacles:- 
The G.T.O calls the first candidate (based on chest numbers) and orders him to be ready for the task. When he blows the whistle the first Candidate will start to do the task. After 2.30 minutes the GTO blows a short whistle which is the sign for the candidate who is doing obstacle that his  time is getting over and also to the next person to come and be  ready for the task.

Different types of Obstacles:-
a) Commando walk
b) Double ditch jump
c) Tarzan swing
d) Balanced walk
e) Jumping over drum wound with  thorny wires
f)  Step by step jump
g) Jumping over the screen (high jump)
h) Burma bridge
i) Tarzan Jump
j) Rope climbing

Commando walk:-
The candidate has to walk on a lean wooden plank which is  at a height of about 10feet. At the middle the candidate has to climb across two steps. He has to also shout out his name or any war cry (based on GTO instructions). Usually the plank of the commando walk shakes when one walks  over it, ,  if one walks at a reasonable speed without looking down, the walk becomes easier to negotiate CLICK TO SEE THE PICTURE /SKETCH


Double Ditch Jump:-
The candidate should run fast and jump over the first ditch and hang onto the rope hanging from above in the middle of the first ditch. Which is 6 feet long. He should use the swing of the rope to leap over the ditch and land between the two ditches. He should use his momentum to jump over the second ditch which is only 4 feet long.



Tarzan Swing:-
The candidate has to climb onto the platform which is usually 8 feet high. He has to hold the rope and take a swing to land beyond a line marked on the ground. The CANDIDATE SHOULD NOT HESITATE or avoid jumping while taking the swing.



Jumping over drum wound with thorny wires:-
This consists of a red painted horizontal drum which is usually 6 ft in length for boys and 3 ft in length for girls. The candidate has to run and jump over this drum without touching it. The surface of the drum is usually covered with barbed iron wires. Its very easy obstacle. 

Step by step jump:-
There is platform nearly 8 feet high. The candidate has to climb up a ladder to this platform  and  jump to another platform which is 4 feet high. Thereafter, he has to jump onto the ground, which is softened.


Jumping over the screen:-
The candidate has to run over the inclined plank and jump over this without touching the screen.The screen is made of cloth and falls down if touched. 


Burma Bridge:-
The Burma Bridge has two parrallel ropes which are at a verticle gapof about 5 feet 6 inches  tied between two iron pillars. The candidate has to climb up  an iron ladder to reach the top of the bridge. The candidate has to walk on the lower rope while holding the upper rope. The lower rope is 12 feet above the ground. The candidate should walk sideways and avoid looking down.  



Tarzan Jump:-
Tarzan Jump  is similar to the Tarzan swing but the difference is that  in Tarzan Jump instead of taking a swing one has to jump onto a vertical rope hanging at a distance of 4 feet. After the jump one has to either jump or climb down the vertical rope.


Rope Climbing:- 
This obstacle is not there for girls. It’s simple climbing onto a vertical rope up to about 12 feet


Important Tips for Individual Obstacles:-

a) Don’t violate the rules, if this happens, please repeat the task 
b) Don’t look at the G.T.O while waiting for doing the tasks.
c) Improve your physique by doing simple exercises such as running, pull
    ups and push ups.
d) Don’t show hesitation or fear while doing any tasks.



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