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The candidates are made to sit on a squad post and the GTO will brief them on the Task. All candidates have to take a lecture for 3minutes each and the preparation time is also 3 minutes.

Expectation of the GTO in lecture:-
In this lecture the GTO notices about the candidate clarity of thought, power of expression, depth of knowledge, confidence level etc.
Conduct of Lecturette:-
The students are ordered to sit in a semi-circle. The GTO will sit behind the candidates.
Then the GTO will place a set of cards in front of the candidates.
The candidates have to pick one card from that bunch and are given three minutes to prepare the topic.
There are four of topics on each card (one is tough next two are normal and the third one is easy). The candidate has to select only one topic.
While the first candidate is preparing his talk. Other candidates are made to give a short self introduction.
When the first candidate arrives for his lecture the next candidate has to pick up his card and the rest follow likewise automatically.
The first candidate will start his lecture. After 21/2 minutes the GTO rings a bell to warn the candidate that his time is almost over and he should sum up his lecture.
After 3minutes are over the GTO will ring the bell again, this indicates that the time is up and  the candidate should stop and move out.
The next candidate now takes his place and similarly starts his lecture.

                                                                    Body Language:-

1.Stand with your shoulders square and chest up position.
2.Keep your hands at the back and avoid moving them.
3.Avoid movement of legs and pelvic region.
4.Keep eye contact with the audience and never look at the GTO during
   the lecture.
5.Keep little smile and don’t make it look fake .
6.Keep yourself relaxed.
7.Maintain reasonably loud pitch. Your voice and tone should not 
   become monotonous.


How To Take The Lecture:-
1.The introduction should be short and crisp and should not exceed 30 
2.The main body should have 3-4 strong points brought out in a logical
3.The conclusion should be around 20 seconds and should give out your
   point of view clearly.
4.Your lecture should show optimism and clarity of thought.
5.Be modernistic in your approach and show a scientific bent of mind


Preparation for Lecturette:- 
a)The candidates are advised to practice 2-3 lectures daily.
b)Standing in front of the mirror and speaking helps overcoming hesitation.
c)You are advised to read newspapers regularily
d) Do search the internet for latest update.


01.First day in college life
03.Nuclear reactor in our country.
04.UID cards (ATM, Credit cards)
05.Freedom movement of nation
06.If you become the prime minister
07.Achievement in Life 
08.World Peace 
09.Development of Science 
10.Pros and Cons of science 
11.Tel about your native 
12.Knowledge is power 
13.Power of Press 
14.Defense system of our bharat 
16.The Newspaper 
17.The T.V 
21.War in Sri Lanka, Libya 
22.SAARC, G8 
23.Cricket in India 
24.Hockey the national game 
25.Football in India 
26.Compulsory Military Training 
27.Corruption and Bribe 
28.Bharat the super power 
29.Indo-pak war or Indo-pak conflict 
30.IIT and IIM standard with International Standards 
31.Transportation in our nation 
32.Migration of students to Foreign countries 
33.Missiles programme 
34.Bharat in Space research 
36.Unemployment in our nation 
37.Unforgettable moments in life 
38.Favourite book 
39.Your Hero (napoleon etc) 
40.Women at the society 
41.Security for the women in our country 
42.Quota for our constitution 
43.33% reservation for women 
44.Youth in Politics 
45.Exercise makes us fit 
46.Global warming 
47.Life of poor people in our country 
48.Saving of rain water or ground water management 
49.Sea water to drinking water project 
50.Solar energy to electrical energy project 
51.Petrol price hike in our country 
52.Gold mines in our country 
53.Natural resources of India 
54.BPO jobs in our country 
55.City expansion and destruction of yielding lands in our country 
57.Recycling of waste 
58.Security of our nation 
59.NSG and security forces 
60.Is china a threat for our nation.


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