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Medical Standards On Officer Entry

The candidates recommended by Service Selection Board undergo medical examination at nearest Service Hospitals. The medical examination procedure for candidates is as follow:-

(a) Special Medical Board (SMB). Special Medical Board (SMB) of officer candidates will be held at designated hospitals over duration of five to six days. Candidates will be declared Fit/Temporary Unfit or Permanent Unfit. Candidates declared Temporary Unfit are to report back to the hospital for examination after the specified time. Candidates who still do not qualify will be declared Permanent Unfit.

(b) Appeal Medical Board (AMB). Candidates who are declared Permanent Unfit by Special Medical Board are eligible for Appeal Medical Board after depositing a sum of Rs. 40/- in the Government Treasury. No fees will be charged from Temporarily Unfit candidates. Unfit candidates get a maximum of 42 days to report for AMB at designated Command Hospital. Candidates declared unfit by Appeal Medical Board are eligible to appeal for Review Medical Board.

(c) Review Medical Board (RMB). The President of Appeal Medical Board will intimate the candidate, the reason of his/ her unfitness through a leaflet and guide him / her for Review Medical Board. However, he will explain to the candidate that holding of the Review Medical Board is at the discretion of DGMS(Navy) and DGAFMS based on the merits of the case and it is not his/her right. RMBs are conducted at Army Research & Referral Hospital Delhi and Armed Force Medical College Pune.


(a) Height:- The preferable height for a candidate of 18 years of age is 157 cm for males and 152 cm for females.

Medical Standard for Graduate Entries-

(i) Height and Weight: Minimum height: 162.5 cms with correlated weight, Leg Lengt : Min - 99 cms. Max - 120 cms. Thigh Length : Max - 64 cms. Sitting Height: Min - 81.5 cms. Max - 96 cms.

(b) Weight:- Table showing correlation between age, height and weight are given at for Male and Female candidates respectively. This is to be used as a guide making allowance for build as necessary. The criteria for selection should be general build of the body and proportionate development rather than rigid, adherence to the above standards. Overweight and Underweight individuals who are otherwise fit in every respect may be accepted at the discretion of the Recruiting Medical Officer / Medical Board. The weight should not however vary from the average by more than 10%.

(c) Anthropometric Measurement :- The acceptable anthropometric standard for aviation entries i.e. Short Service Commission(Aviation & Observer) entry for both male and female are as follows:-

Minimum Sit Height – 162.5 cm

Sitting Height – Minimum 81.5 cm, Maximum – 96.0 cm

Leg Length – Minimum – 99.0 cm, Maximum – 120.0 cm

Thigh Length – Maximum – 64.0 cm



Physical fitness is one of the most important prerequisites for joining the Air Force. Irrespective of the branch you are applying for, you must fulfill some basic physical standards. Listed below are some guidelines that identify the general physical requirements that are

Common For All Candidates.

 You must be in good physical and mental health and free from any disease/ disability, which is likely to   interfere with efficient performance of duties. There    should be no evidence of weak constitution or bodily defects. The height and weight standards for men and women differ. Click to view the appropriate standards for each.


Your chest should be well developed. The minimum range of expansion after full inspiration should be 5 cm. There should be no disease of bones and joints of the body. You should be free of any past history of mental breakdown or fits. Your hearing should be normal without any evidence of present or past disease of the ear, nose and throat. There should be no sign of functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessels. Your blood pressure should also be normal.

The muscles of the abdomen should be well developed without any enlargement of the liver or spleen.  Any evidence of disease of internal organs of the abdomen can be cause for rejection.

 An un-operated hernia can make you unfit for selection. If operated, this should have been done at   least six months prior to the present examination and healing should be complete without any potential for recurrence.
 There should be no hydrocele, varicocele or piles. If operated for hydrocele and/or varicocele, this should have been done at least six months prior to the present examination and healing should be complete without any recurrence.
Urine examination will be done and any abnormality, if detected, can be a cause for rejection.
Any disease of the skin, which is likely to cause disability or disfigurement, will also be a cause for rejection. Vision will be tested. You must have good binocular vision. In case you have undergone or are detected to have undergone Radial Keratotomy,   or any other procedure to improve the visual acuity, you will be permanently rejected.

You should have sufficient number of natural and sound teeth. A minimum of 14 dental points will be acceptable. When 32 teeth are present, the total dental points are 22. You should not be suffering from severe Pyorrhea.


a. Acute or chronic pelvic infection
b. Severe menorrhagia
c. Severe dysmenorrheal
d. Complete prolapsed of uterus
e. Pregnancy/ Amenorrhea


If you are applying for the flying branch, you must remember that apart from the general physical standards, there are some standards that are specifically applicable to you. Listed below are the physical requirements applicable to both men and women applying to the flying branch.

1. Anthropometric measurements - the acceptable anthropometric measurements for both men and        women are as follows:

• Minimum height - 162.5 cms
• Leg length - minimum- 99 cms.maximum- 120 cms
• Thigh length - maximum- 64 cms
• Sitting height -minimum- 81.5 cms. Maximum- 96 cms

2.  X-ray of cervical and Lumbosacral spine will be carried out.
3.  The following conditions detected Radio logically will disqualify a candidate for all air force duties:-

• Granulomatous disease of spine
• Arthritis / Spondylosis

1) Rheumatoid arthritis and allied disorders
2) Ankylosing Spondylitis
3) Osteoarthritis, Spondylosis and degenerative joint disease.
4) Non-Articular Rheumatism (e.g. lesions of the rotator cuff, tennis elbow, recurrent lumbago etc).
5) Misc disorders including Sle, Polymyositis and Vasculitis.
6) Spondylolisthesis / Spondylolysis.
7) Compression fracture of vertebra
8) Scheuerman’s disease (adolescent Kyphosis)
9) Loss of cervical Lordosis when associated with clinically restricted movements of cervical Spine.
10) Unilateral / Bilateral cervical ribs with Demonstrable Neurological or Circulatory deficit.

• Any other abnormality as so considered by the specialist.


1.Spinal anomalies acceptable for flying duties

• Bilateral complete Sacralisation of lv5 and bilateral complete Lumbarisation of sv1.
• Spina bifida in Sacrum and in lv5, if completely Sacralised.
• Complete block (fused) vertebrae in cervical and dorsal spine at a single level.


• Scoliosis more than 15 by cobb’s method
• Degenerative disc disease.
• Presence of Schmorl’s node at more than one level.
• Atlanto occipital and Atlanto-axial anomalies.
• Hemi vertebra and / or incomplete block (fused) vertebra at more than one level in cervical or dorsal spine.
• Unilateral Sacralisation or Lumbarisation (complete or incomplete) at all levels and bilateral in complete Sacralisation or Lumbrarisation.


• 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in other, correctable to 6/6 only for Hypermetropia. ) manifest Hypermetropia must not exceed +2.0d sph, myopia – nil and astigmatism +0.75 d cyl (within +2.0 d – max)
•  Near vision n-5 each eye.
•  Color vision cp-1(ml t).
• Lasik surgery for correction of vision is admissible in transport and helicopter streams of short service commission (flying branch) if the following conditions are fulfilled at the time of air force   medical examination.
•  Lasik surgery should not have been carried out before the age of 20 years.

1. The axial length of the eye should not be more than 25.5 mm as measured by iol master.
2. At least twelve months should have lapsed post uncomplicated stable Lasik. No history or evidence of any complication.
3. The post Lasik corneal thickness as measured by a corneal pachymeter should not be less than 450 microns.
4. Individuals with high refractive errors (>6d) prior to Lasik are to be excluded.  
5. Candidates must not suffer from color or night blindness.



•    Exophoria 6 prism diopters
•    Esophoria 6 prism diopters
•    Hyperphoria 1 prism diopters
•    Hypophoria 1 prism diopters

AT 33 Cm

•     Exophoria 16 prism diopters
•     Esophoria 6 prism diopters
•     Hyperphoria 1 prism diopters
•     Hypophoria 1 prism diopters

It may be noted that the air force medical board is the final authority while deciding the medical fitness for joining the Indian air force.


The board conducting the medical test consists of male and female doctors and gynecologists and specialists. In case of women candidates, a lady medical officer is present and the entire proceedings are confidential. The aim of the test is to find out if there are any disabilities that could manifest in the future, apart from any current problems.

Tests conducted are in the form of blood tests, urine tests, and check up of the eye, ear, throat, nose and an entire external check up. The heart and BMI check up is also done along with urine and dental check up. The blood test identifies transferable diseases and any potential in this regard. Eye check up is done to overrule myopia.

For ARMY the distant vision must be 6/6, either with glasses or without. The standard for color vision is CP-3 and the candidate must be able to recognize the colors red and green. Myopia should e within 3.5D and this includes Astigmatism


Physical fitness is a must with the candidates having a height of 157.5 cm at the minimum. The minimum height is 162.5 cm or according to the standard chart of age-height-weight ratio. A minimum height of 5 cms less than this is allowed for Gorkhas and for applicants from the North eastern region.

The minimum height for women is 142 cms and weight is 36 kgs at the least. The weight is also checked out at the medical examination. The correct weight is identified according to the standard chart of height, weight and age of the candidate. In case of a boy of 18 years, the minimum weight is 44 kgs with a height of 142.5 cm. In case of a boy of 22 years, the ideal weight should be 55 kg with 173 cm height

1.  The chest should be well developed and x ray of the chest is compulsorily done. The candidate   should not have any bones or joints diseases or any past history of any mental disease, fits and so on.

The hearing is also checked and it should be normal. The candidate should be able to hear what is known as a forced whisper from a 610 cms distance under quiet conditions.

Tests are done to detect any functional r organic illness of blood vessels and heart and to check whether the blood pressure is normal. There should be no enlargement of liver of spleen.

In case of hernia and piles that has not yet been operated, the candidate will be declared as unfit.

The urine is checked for any abnormalities, and in case of such abnormalities, the candidate can be rejected. No skin disease is accepted.

Dental check up stipulates 14 dental points in case of 32 teeth. Candidates suffering from severe Pyorrhea will be rejected.


Height And Weight Standards for Men

Height In Cms

Age Range (years)

152 – 158

46 – 49

47 - 50

50 - 54

54 - 58

159 – 165

50 - 53

51 - 55

55 - 59

59 - 63

166 - 171

54 - 56

56 - 59

60 - 64

63 - 66

172 - 178

57 - 60

59 - 63

64 - 69

67 - 71

179 - 183

61 - 63

64 - 66

69 - 72

72 - 74

184 - 185


67 - 68

73 - 74



 Height And Weight Standards for Women

Height in Cms

Weight in Kg Age Range (Years)

148 - 151

43 - 45

46 - 48

152 - 155

46 - 48

49 - 51

156 - 160

49 – 51

52 - 55

161 - 165

52 - 54

55 - 58

166 - 171

55 - 58

59 - 62

172 - 176

59 - 61

63 - 66

177 - 178

62 - 63



Note:- These are generally the Medical Parameters, however, candidates are advised to go through the NOTIFICATIONS issued by UPSC/AIR FORCE/ NAVY/ ARMY for each entry and read the latest standards as per their respective entry. 



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