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Certain situations of practical nature are created. A candidate is asked to give a solution to problems so created in two-three lives. That also reveals the personality of a candidate. There are 60 situations and time allowed is just 30 minutes. The situations are day to day life situations. One handles them completely and systematically, giving accounts of one’s logic. Normally, the situation is given in the past tense, using third person, singular number and in a brief language.  The response should not be abrupt but a logical one. It is again positive in nature, not leaving any part of the situation un-handled. The situations can be:-
He went for vacation along with his friends. while some of them wanted to linger on, others wanted to leave at the  earliest. He……..

1. He was asked to organize a football match in his school. He…….
2. He saw a car owner hitting a passenger and running away. He……
3. He was going for his interview when a car owner went through a
4. Ditch and threw muck on his clothes. He……
5. He was given the offer but he had no money to deposit the surety
    amount. He……..
6. He was carrying his old uncle on his pillion when he had an accident.
    His uncle was thrown off. He……
7. He boarded a wrong train whereas his train was on a different
    platform. He…….
8. He saw his girlfriend walking with another person. He…………


1.He met with a serious accident while going on a bicycle, resulting in
   serious injury to pillion rider and serious damage to his vehicle.
  • Took the injured to the nearest hospital locking his vehicle.
2. While going over the bridge over a river with his friends, he found half
    of the party had crossed the river bridge when suddenly the bridge
    collapsed. He……………..
  • Arranged boat for the remaining journey.
3. Due to heavy rains the river was rising and he had to cross the river.
  • Waited for rain to stop and then crossed the river by boat.
4. He saw fire in a village, people were panicking. He…………..
  • Pacified people, used sand and water and put out the fire with the
    help  of some of them. Layer, called up the fire brigade.
5. When his close relations refused to help him financially. He…….
  • Borrowed money from his friends.
6.He was face to face with armed Nagas in the forest. He………….
  • Gave them his identity through body language and was allowed to
    move on.
7. As captain of the team, he found his players rather discouraged while
   playing a match. He………..
  • Encouraged them
8. While going on a mountaineering trip he found one member of his
  team was injured and some had got tired because of the longer route
  taken by the team. He………
  • Gave first aid to the injured, consulted route map to take the shortest
     route to continue further movement.
9. During journey, he found some miscreants entering the compartment
  and trying to loot the passengers. He………….
  • Overpowered the miscreants along with fellow passengers.
10. Conductor came to check his ticket, but he found that his purse was
    pick pocketed containing the ticket and cash………….
  • He established his identity, took cash from a fellow passenger in lieu
    of  cheque and paid his ticket charges.
11. Being the oldest of the family, he found his family was uprooted due
    to cyclone. He…………
  • He started a small business and rehabiliated the family by arranging
    all necessary needs.
12. He saw in his native village two groups of people fighting each other
   for the post of sarpanch. He………..
  • Tactfully persuaded both the groups to follow the electoral rules.
12. At a lonely place. He found a person teasing a girl. He………….
  • Rushed to the place, challenged the person, who ran away.
13. His car broke down on a lonely place. It was dark. He………….
  • Used his cell phone, called the helpline.
14. He accompanied by his sister was moving in the market when two
   persons teased his sister. He……….
  • Made them to stop and apologize.
15. Due to some misunderstanding a close friend hit him. He……..
  • Coolly removed the misunderstanding with the close friend and later
     made him apologize.
16. While preparing for his examination his sick father needed a lot of
    attention. He…………
  • Managed his time by paying proper attention.
17. His room-mate in the hostel was constantly disturbing him. When he
    wanted to study. He………
  • Compromised with him so as to concentrate on his studies.
18. He was asked to speak in a debate whether student whether student
    union should continue. He…………
  • spoke against union
19. He suddenly saw a snake creeping towards his foot at his house.
• Killed the snake.
20. He was asked by his instructor to walk on a long distance when he
    was having fever. He…………
• Took medicine to control his fever and obeyed the instructor.




  • Please keep your writing material ready before you start the test
  • You will see 60 situations one after the other on the screen. Each situation will be shown for 30 seconds.
  • You have to responds to each situation with in these 30 secs of the situation being shown in the screen.
  • Please do not skip any situation.




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