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In the test, a candidate associates himself/herself with words given in the test and conveys his/her personality (OLQ) accordingly. A word can be used as a noun, verb, adverb or adjective depending on a candidates convenience. One must take care to be positive even in case of negative words. Through every response, the psychologist judges the personality of a candidate. Candidates are shown 60 words on the screen one after the other. Each word is displayed for 15 seconds in which the response has to be given in form of a short sentence. During  15 seconds that a word is shown to the candidate, the candidate understands this word, creates a response, showing his/her personality and also writes it down in the form of a complete and grammatically correct sentence.

The sentence made should not use he/she frequently. Similarly, no names should be quoted. There is no need for using idioms/ proverbs/ quotations etc. or even Modals like ‘can’, ‘could’ etc. There is no need for using Imperative sentences even.


  • Candidates are shown 60 simple words on the screen, one after the other.
  • Each word is displayed on the screen for 15 seconds.
  • The candidate has to respond to each word while the word is displayed for 15 seconds.
  • The response has to be preferably a short sentence

What is expected

  • Candidates should preferably express the thought or idea that comes to his/her mind on seeing the word.
  • The sentence should preferably be of approx 6-8 words.
  • Positive responses are preferred, displaying an attitude of optimism, honesty, responsibility, patriotism etc.
  • One should not display negative thoughts like cowardice, anxiety, fear etc.
  • Do not have mundane and repetitive response and avoid idioms and phrases.view more click here

The words are common and mostly unisex. A response certainly shows a candidate’s personality. Some examples can be-

(b) Character
(c) Impossible
(d) Afraid
(e) Unfit
(h) Happy   
(i) Lonely      
(j) Gamble    
(k) Problem   
(l) Pressure       
(m) Pen   
(n) Table     
(o) Sympathy  
(p) Service     
(q) Doctor    
(r) Nurse       
(s) Humanity     
(t) clear    
(u) Idea      
(v) Seriousness     
(w) Adventurous    
(x) Death   
(y) Near  etc.

A regular practice of various words can certainly ensure success.

Some Examples of WAT:-

Imagination:- Imagination is as valuable as Intelligence.
Truth            :- Truth overcomes all odds.
Admire         :- Admiration always boost confidence.
Early            :- Early decision in life makes a man successful.
Strong          :- Children are the base of a strong nation.
Curiosity       :- Curiosity adds to knowledge.
Laughing       :- Laughter therapy is a new trend to come out from anxiety.
Cry               :- A brave man never cries in adversity.
Discuss        :- Discussion always carries new ideas.
Sympathy     :- Sympathy is a remedy for ill persons.
Criminal        :- Criminals are usually reformable.
House           :- A united house is the strength of the family.
Sorrow          :- Joy always overcomes sorrow.
Think            :- Imagination improves thinking.
Character      :- Good character decide the destiny of a man.
Sad              :- A company of friends overcomes sadness.
Exam           :- Exam is the test of the skill of a student.
Blind            :- A good leader creates blind faith in his followers.
Guide           :- Books and Novels are best guides for human beings.
Score           :- High scores show high achievement.
Able             :- A good ability reveals a good quality.
Women        :- Women always deserve respect.
Command     :-He commands respect among his colleagues.
Watch          :- Watching science-fiction movies improves imagination.
Customs       :- Customs are the mirror of a society.
Success       :- Success is the fruit of hard work and perseverance.
Fearfullness  :- Experience dispenses fearfulness.
Precaution    :- Precautions are necessary during birth of a child.
Jump            :- Jumping improves stamina.
Anxious        :- A calm person never shows anxiety.
Struggle        :- Struggle paves the way for success.
Harmful         :- Proper medication overcomes harmful side-effects.
Empty           :- Heavy rainfall fills up the empty lakes.
College          :- College life improves the personality of a person.
Confused       :- Determined persons never get confused.
System         :-  Systematic work leads to perfection.
Merit             :- Hard work leads a student to merit.
Temper          :- Yoga helps to control temper.
Team             :- Team work increases productivity.
Childish         :- Maturity overcomes childish behavior.
Weapon         :- Non-violence is the most effective weapon to fight.
Lonely            :- Simple pleasure of life overcomes loneliness.
Hunger           :- A meritorious student always feels hungry for knowledge.
Aggression     :- Aggressive behavior sometimes helps in solving problems.
Greedy           :- A sacrificing person is never greedy.
Father            :- Father is the role model of the family.
Firing             :- Continuous firing creates fear among enemies.
Co-education  :- Co-education improves under-standing between two sexes.
Justice           :- Natural  justice is based on the truth.
Obedience      :- Obedience to authority shows discipline and punctuality.
Play               :- Internet plays a very important role in modern era.
Distance         :- Distance education is a forwarding step toward literacy.
Crowd             :- A Leader emerges from the crowd.
Intelligent        :- Everybody became intelligent by hard work.
Fatigue           :- A motivated person never gets fatigued.
Criticism         :- Healthy criticism boosts the confidence of a person.
Help               :- A leader doesn’t seek anybody’s help.
Brother           :- Globalisation helps in establishing a feeling of brotherhood.
Hope              :- Hope sustains life.
Protect           :- Ozone layer protects from Ultra violet rays.
Dislike            :- A good student never dislikes books and novels.
Careless         :- Regular practice overcomes carelessness.
Support           :- True friends support in adversity.
Enjoy              :- Simple pleasure of life gives joy.
Murder            :- He never shows murderer is tendency.
Death              :- A soldier is never afraid of death.
Snake/Poison  :- Snake poison is used in snake bites.
Kill                  :- Killing of harmful insects is a positive step to increase crop production.
Afraid              :- An officer is never afraid of a sudden attack.
Mend              :- Criminals are usually mendable.
Thief               :- Police is there to arrest thieves.
Rest               :- Rest and Hard work go hand in hand.
Delay             :- A prompt action overcomes delay.
Bluff               :- Truthfulness overcomes a bluff.
Enemy           :- Peace and non-violence change an enemy’s heart.
Husband         :- A husband respects his wife.
Sleepy           :- A duty conscious person never feels sleepy on duty.
Strength         :- Strength is the result of unity.
Response       :- A quick response is always appreciable.
Manage          :- An officer always manages order and discipline even in worst conditions.
Risk               :- Calculated risks always help a person to get success.
Solution          :- Solution of a problem is a work of wisdom and intelligence.
Teacher          :- A Teacher makes a student a perfect person.
Fail                :- A failure gives  new courage to go further.




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