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PPDT is One of The Most Important Test

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PPDT is one of the most important tests since further participation in SSB is totally dependent on this.
Therefore it is of paramount importance to participate well in this one test.
Some of the common weaknesses observed by me during my six years at SSBs are as following:-
Writing a common place story.• Over emphasis on social issues and NGO based themes. 
Lack of originality that is to say blindly following coaching/tips.
Lack of confidence in narration.
Inability to understand importance of a dignified and meaningful discussion. Innumerable candidates, sometimes entire group suffer the consequences of a few creating a fish market and not adhering to GTOs instructions. 
One of the most important requirements is reasonable standard of written and spoken English. This one capability can help create a good initial expression on assessors.
Now it goes without saying that if these are the grey areas then one must pay attention in practicing narration, developing faith in himself to participate confidently in the discussion.
If one can write a simple, logical and relatable story, narrate with confidence and participate reasonably in the discussion, chances of recommendation are bright.