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Written Exam Coaching (NDA, CDS, OTA AFCAT, CAPF, ACC & TA)

Faculty – Best Faculty with minimum 8 years of experience

Teaching is based on shortcut techniques and smart tricks.

Mobile App Based Learning – Daily online Assignments & Weekly test with analytics.

Video lessons and attendance management system.

Maximum Hours of Coaching – 7 to 8 hours in 55 days program and 4 to 5 hours in 100 days program

Study Material – Latest and upgraded study material according to exam pattern.

Current Affairs – Special current affairs classes by expert.

SSB Orientation – Special sessions  by Ex SSB Presidents, Psychologist and GTO.


Refresher Course – Free refresher course of 10 days


  • LEARN FROM EXPERTS: Being ONE OF THE Oldest academies The Cavalier has had the distinct advantage of  evolving and updating its teaching techniques and infrastructure, Matching the latest developments in SSB interview centers. We have a team of officers who are Ex SSB President, GTOs, and Psychologists from Army, Air Force and Navy guiding you towards success.
  • BEST RESULTS: The Cavalier has the distinct honour of sending the maximum number of candidates to IMA, OTA, NDA, Naval and Air-Force academies.
  • MOCK TEST ON ARRIVAL: The Candidate faces a Mock Test soon after arrival and based on this he is groomed and guided according to his / her needs.
  • IDENTIFYING SHORTCOMINGS:  The Cavalier Faculty having SSB Interview Boards experience and over 10 years of teaching experience help students identify their shortcomings through repetitive practice and guidance. Personal sessions with the Interviewing officers and The Psychologist helps the candidate in overcoming those shortcomings.
  • FULL SSB INTERVIEW EXPOSURE: The candidate is put through the entire procedure of SSB Interview, from filling of PIQ form, Screening Test, Personal Interviews and Outdoor Tests. The candidate gets to know the actual conduct of SSB Interview. The fear of unknown is removed and students are taught to overcome common mistake.
  • OVERCOMING FEARS: Most of the candidates feel that SSB Interview is extremely difficult. Consequently they start suffering from fear like Public Speaking, Stage Fear, Facing Senior Officers in Personal Interview and their physical structure and ability. The two weeks extensive experience to all the tests of SSB Interview and expert guidance coupled with counseling by EXPERTS at THE CAVALIER removes these fears.
  • OUTDOOR TASKS: The Cavalier has an extensively bid out OUTDOOR TRANING GRAOUND. The candidates get HADS ON EXPERIENCE. If GOR (Snake Race), Individual Obstacles (IO), Progressive Group Tasks (PGT) and Command tasks (CT).
  • PSYCHOLOGY TESTS & COUNSELLING: All candidates are put through three SIMULATED TESTS on computer for TAT, WAT and SRT after detailed lectures. Each Candidate has PERSONAL COUNSELLING SESSION WITH THE PSYCHOLOGIST to help him overcome his / her problems.
  • PERSONAL INTERVIEWS: Starting with lectures on OLQ (Officer Like Qualities) and Conduct of Interview the Candidate is put through two personal Interviews followed by personal Counselling Repeaters are specially taken care of.
  • REFRESHER COURSE: Only The Cavalier gives you an option of undergoing a three days refresher course, free of cost. Our success rate speaks for itself.
  • FEE CONCESSION: Free SSB coaching for wards of War Widows / Defendants of War Widows. Fee concession for Defence Personnel / their wards, Military School & Sainik School students.


Guidelines On How To Take On Each Test/Task At SSB Interview Are Enumerated Below. These Guidelines Will Help Students To Overcome Their Misplaced Fears About SSB Interview. However, These Guidelines, Unless Practised In The Real Time Environment, With On The Spot Corrections And Moderations By The Experts, May Not Suffice.

How Coaching Helps:- 

  1. Provides opportunity to practise in near real time environment.
  2. Coaching enables the candidates to participate in a group and experience the group dynamics. This cannot be achieved at home.
  3. The response/performance is commented upon and corrected by expert Psychologists, GTOs and Interviewing Officers. Their feed backs are eye-opening.
  4. The candidate learns from the behavior and performances of the peer group.
  5. Ground Tasks can only he practiced in a ground with real tasks and obstacles.
  6. The language, formats and design factors of GTO tests/ tasks cannot be understood, unless experienced personally.

Personal Interview by the Interviewing Officer can never be experienced on your own.


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